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If you are looking for a local family run business that has been operating in the local are for over 20 years then look no furhter, Asbestos Hse Ltd can help you with an award winning service at thr besto possible prices available we serve both residential clients and also can work with comercial clients for the bigger jobs in the area, all of our staff are fully trained and our company holds a full 3 year licence issued to only a few companys by the governing body of the HSE.  

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Was asbestos used in roofing materials?

Material: Construction laborers utilized asbestos felt as an underlayment for shingles, and it was likewise now and again the fundamental material utilized in developed rooftops. Ground surface: Asbestos felt was frequently laid under tile, vinyl and black-top floor tiles for cushioning and protection.


  • What does asbestos do to a person?

The human wellbeing impacts from long haul risky asbestos presentation are all around archived. Asbestos strands are effectively breathed in and conveyed into the lower districts of the lung where they can cause fibrotic lung malady (asbestosis) and changes in the coating of the chest pit (pleura).

  • Do Home Inspectors check for asbestos?

Home reviews don't test for asbestos, however, your home reviewer will, for the most part, tell you if your house is the best possible age and contains materials that could usually incorporate asbestos. On the off chance that your home review uncovers that materials containing asbestos might be available, that isn't a reason to worry.

  • Is asbestos banned in the US?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has no broad restriction on the utilization of asbestos. In any case, asbestos was one of the main perilous air poisons managed under Section 112 of the Clean Air Act of 1970, and numerous applications have been illegal by the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

  • Do you have to disclose asbestos when selling a house?

Then again, you are not lawfully committed to wiping out the asbestos. You surely can sell your home with every one of its sicknesses, including asbestos, however, you should uncover to a potential purchaser that there is an issue. A few purchasers will leave.

  • When did builders stop using asbestos UK?

Asbestos-Related Regulations in the UK. Asbestos disallowance laws in the United Kingdom were first presented in the mid-1980s. In 1985, the UK prohibited the import and utilization of blue (crocidolite) and darker (amosite) asbestos.

  • What is asbestos in real estate?

A large number of more established homes worked before the 1980s still contain asbestos, and still represent a hazard to land operators. Asbestos is friable, which implies its strands break separated effectively and become airborne. ... As per the EPA, the nearness of asbestos in a home does not consequently represent a well being hazard.

  • Is asbestos banned in UK?

In 1985, the UK prohibited the import and utilization of blue (crocidolite) and dark colored (amosite) asbestos. This standard was supplanted in 1992 with a law that additionally restricted a few employments of white (chrysotile) asbestos, customarily viewed as less deadly than different types of the mineral.


  • How do you know if you have asbestos?

Signs and manifestations may not show up for 10 to at least 40 years after introduction to asbestos. In the event that you have pleural plaque, you might not have any signs or side effects. Pleural emanation may cause torment on one side of the chest. The two conditions regularly are found with a chest x beam.

  • Can asbestos kill you?

Asbestosis is a genuine, perpetual, non-dangerous respiratory illness. Breathed in asbestos strands bother lung tissues, which cause them to scar. Manifestations of asbestosis incorporate shortness of breath and a dry popping sound in the lungs while breathing in. In its propelled stages, the sickness may cause heart disappointment.

  • Can you get rid of asbestos in your lungs?

No realized technique exists to expel asbestos filaments from the lungs once they are breathed in. A few kinds of asbestos are cleared normally by the lungs or separate in the lungs.

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Asbestos HSE Ltd - Trained Surveyors and Removal Specialist!


Asbestos HSE Ltd is a family run organization, based locally in Staffordshire we carry out hundreds of asbestos removal tasks monthly in Staffordshire. We have vast expertise in the expulsion and transfer of asbestos.  Asbestos HSE Ltd can serve clients in the regions encompassing Staffordshire and they hold a full permitting license issued by the HSE as authorize ASBESTOS REMOVAL transporters by the Government Environment Agency.

Asbestos HSE Ltd – Proffesional Asbestos Company

As you probably aware of asbestos is a deadly poisonous substance that can make you terminally ill and damage one's wellbeing? It can introduce itself in a wide exhibit of situations, some of which include: 

•    An old asbestos garage or shed roof or an old storage cellar.

•    Under your kitchen floor tiles

•    Garage roof sheets

•    Property owners and rental tenants have been known to report asbestos even in their pipe works.

•    You can even find it in plasterboard in houses that were built before 1970, and be on the lookout for old asbestos artex popcorn cement.


For an evaluation of your asbestos removal needs in Staffordshire we also cover nearby areas such as Asbestos Removal In Audley, Butterton, Curborough, Dresden,Etruria, Froghall, Grindley Huntington, Ipstones, Knutton, Loynton, Mucklestone, Norton Canes Outlands, Pye Green, Quarnford, Rushton Spencer, Syerscote, Tutbury, Uttoxeter,  Wrinehill, Yoxall,​ evacuation needs, call Asbestos HSE Ltd today on +44 800 088 5833


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