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Are you wanting to know if your new home in London is going to be a safe place to live, then we advise you contact Asbestos HSE Ltd before purchasing your dream property that could end up becoming a nightmare if you don't undertake a full asbestos survey.
More and more conveyancing solicitors and mortgage providers want to know if your new home has an asbestos survey and now include it 90% of the time in lending criteria, A staggering 2,500 women men and children who have been exposed to asbestos in the UK die of mesothelioma cancer every year its shocking that's the equivalent of 6 people a day.

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Is any asbestos safe?

Regardless of Limits, No Safe Level of Asbestos Exposure. Asbestos is very perilous. ... OSHA rushes to include, in any case, that the asbestos PEL is an objective rule for administrative purposes just, and does not set up any dimension of "safe" asbestos introduction.


  • What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a deadly substance that can cause cancer and other horrible diseases you can normally find it in pipe insulation, and attic insulation matting, ceiling tiles, and wall and floor tiles, also artex cement some garage roofs also contain asbestos including the guttering.

  • Can I Rent My Home If It Contains Asbestos?

A landlord is under no obligation to remove asbestos from his rental property. But the landlord is under an obligation to inform the tenants of the asbestos and were it is in the propert. when there is asbestos in the property and it poses a risk, the tenant can legally make the landlord  remove it and if he chooses not too then the landlord could be at risk of losing future rent payment.

  • How much do asbestos surveyors get paid?

The normal compensation for Asbestos Surveyor occupations is £28,000. Peruse on to discover the amount Asbestos Surveyor occupations pay crosswise over different UK areas and ventures.

  • What is an asbestos surveyor?

An asbestos review is a visual assessment of a property. A surveyor will securely take little examples of materials which are suspected to contain asbestos.

  • Can I Still live In My Home While Asbestos Is Being Surveyed And Removed?

We advise all our London clients to leave the home or business just  for the day while we remove the asbestos from your property, in relation to the survey your fine to stay in the house as this is a minor opperation that cannot cause you or your family any harm  Once our removal team have totally rid your home of this deadly materia expelled every last particle then you may safely return to your home in the comfort of knowing your family are now environmentally in a more safer, cleaner livable area.

  • What Should I Do If I Find Asbestos In My Home?

Firstly look for signs abrasions or water damage. If the asbestos that is found in your home is not damaged at all, then the best thing to do is leave it alone. We advise once your aware of asbestos in your home to pick up the phone and contact a professional asbestos removal and survey company to run a full survey and possibly organising a plan to removing the threat from you and your family's home environment.

  • How much does it cost to have an asbestos survey?

The normal expense for an Asbestos Survey is £250. You are probably going to spend somewhere in the range of £160 and £400 absolute. Definite cost may shift contingent upon your region and venture subtleties.


  • Is an asbestos survey required?

What's more in the event that you have a property which was worked before 2000 and you intend to do any repair or decimation deal with it, at that point you will require a restoration and destruction review. These are legitimate necessities which are administered and observed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

  • How do you test for asbestos?

The region to be tried will be splashed with water to shield free strands from getting noticeable all around. An apparatus is utilized to slice into the substance to be tried to get an example of filaments. A little example of the material which may be or contain asbestos is put in a sealable compartment to be sent to a lab for testing.

  • How do I know if a company are qualified asbestos removal professionals?

It is important you check the credentials of any contractor you employ in your home for the simple reason this deadly material is a life or death situation if handled improperly by amateurs at asbestos hse ltd we hold a full three year license issued by the HSE and all of our men go through the best training there is in the industry

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Asbestos HSE Ltd - Trained Surveyors and Removal Specialist!


Asbestos HSE Ltd is a family run organization, based locally in London we carry out hundreds of asbestos removal tasks monthly in London. We have vast expertise in the expulsion and transfer of asbestos.  Asbestos HSE Ltd can serve clients in the regions encompassing London and they hold a full permitting license issued by the HSE as authorize ASBESTOS REMOVAL transporters by the Government Environment Agency.

Asbestos HSE Ltd – Proffesional Asbestos Company

As you probably aware of asbestos is a deadly poisonous substance that can make you terminally ill and damage one's wellbeing? It can introduce itself in a wide exhibit of situations, some of which include: 

•    An old asbestos garage or shed roof or an old storage cellar.

•    Under your kitchen floor tiles

•    Garage roof sheets

•    Property owners and rental tenants have been known to report asbestos even in their pipe works.

•    You can even find it in plasterboard in houses that were built before 1970, and be on the lookout for old asbestos artex popcorn cement.


For an evaluation of your asbestos surveyor needs in London we also cover nearby areas such as Asbestos Surveyor Alexandra Park,Barking Park, Calthorpe Project, Dulwich Park, Eltham Common, Finsbury Park, Gladstone Park, Ham Common, Inwood Park, Jubilee Gardens, Kenwood, London Fields, Morden Park, One Tree Hill, Parsloes Park, Queen's Park, Radnor Gardens, Shoreditch Park, Trent Park, Valentines Park, Wells Park, Park Wood,  for evacuation needs, call Asbestos HSE Ltd today on +44 800 088 5833


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