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At Asbestos HSE Ltd we are increasingly finding and taking calls from householders and first time buyers who are wanting to know if their new Manchester home is going to be a safe place to live, most of the conveyancing solicitors and mortgage providers these days are wary of lending and are wanting asbestos survey information as part of their lending criteria, this is due to many new buyers purchasing a home and then finding out too late that there are potentially thousands of pounds worth of asbestos removal works that need to be undertaken to make the home a safer place to live.

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What if your property was built before 1980, then it probably will contain Asbestos. Vs. plastic, which likely won't contain Asbestos. ... This is why you need to seek the best Asbestos Survey advice were possible when dealing with Asbestos Surveyors Vs. trying to work out how to remove it yourself this is a recipe for disaster.












  • What's a property survey?

The sort of study that we request for shutting is known as an "Area Survey." A Location Survey demonstrates the area of the enhancements for the property in connection to the clear limit lines of the property. ... A "Limit Survey" is utilized to recognize a property's limit lines.

  • Do you need a full structural survey?

This guarantee will cover the property against every single real deformity, so a Mortgage Valuation or Homebuyers Survey will typically be adequate. ... In any case, you ought to dependably consider having a basic study done if: The structure clearly needs auxiliary work (for example in the event that it's in an incapacitated or run-down state)

  • Does home inspection include the foundations?

The standard home reviewer's report will cover the state of the home's warming framework; focal cooling framework (temperature allowing); inside pipes and electrical frameworks; the rooftop, loft, and obvious protection; dividers, roofs, floors, windows and entryways; the establishment, storm cellar and basic ...

  • What is a measured survey?

A deliberate structure overview is a precise portrayal of your structure demonstrating all the basic components and engineering highlights. Floor plans are basic to give a precise portrayal of the structure and this is upheld up with rises and cross areas exhibited as a scaled review illustration.

  • What are conveyancing fees?

The legitimate part of the conveyancing expenses charge covers the work done by the conveyancing specialist themselves. Conveyancing expenses can go from £500 to over a thousand in legitimate charges, however, this does exclude payment. ... These costs should be added to the legitimate expense for the all-out conveyancing cost.

  • What are the types of surveys?

There are three types of asbestos survey:

  • Type 1 asbestos survey: buildings surveyed without samples or checking in  Where material is seen which might contain asbestos they are recorded and have to be treated as if they contain asbestos until the analysis has proved otherwise. hard to reach places must also be treated as if they contain asbestos until the analysis shows otherwise. The HSE no longer recommends this type of survey is carried out.


  • Type 2 asbestos survey: buildings surveyed and possible ACMs analysed by a UKAS accredited laboratory, and where possible hard to reach places are inspected and if necessary sampled. There will be cases where, following an examination into the age of the building and material and a visual inspection from the surveyors, analysis like this may not be required.


  • Type 3 asbestos survey: a full survey normally carried out prior to a building’s demolition. This type of survey is almost the same to type 2, however, all areas must be inspected if there is a risk of asbestos. This will involve inspection of cavity walls, under floors and above ceilings if the surveyors believe that there is a risk of asbestos present.

  • Why do i need An Asbestos Survey report?

The reason behind an asbestos survey report is to contemplate if there is an immediate danger to you or your family's wellbeing. It is vital to identify where asbestos is in the home or business so we can properly manage it keeping you safe.

Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) are either known to contain asbestos, or presumed to contain asbestos. 

The purpose of surveying is to make a 'materials assessment', ie

  1. To find ACM and record what it is, where it is and how much there is

  2. To record how accessible it is, its condition, and any surface treatment

  3. To record the asbestos type, by sampling or by presuming

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Asbestos Survey Company In Manchester
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Residential Asbestos Surveyors in Manchester

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  • Licenced Asbestos Surveys And Removals in Manchester 

Asbestos HSE Ltd - Trained Surveyors and Removal Specialist!


Asbestos HSE Ltd is a family run organization, based locally in Manchester we carry out hundreds of asbestos removals and survey tasks monthly in Manchester. We have vast expertise in the expulsion and transfer of asbestos.  Asbestos HSE Ltd can serve clients in the regions encompassing Manchester, York, Harrogate we hold a full 3 year license issued by the HSE as authorizing ASBESTOS REMOVAL and transportation. and are also UKAS registered members, we can also perform asbestos refurbishment/demolition surveys starting at £189, asbestos sampling & testing from £65 Free telephone advise available from any of out trained surveyors who are fully qualified, holding the P402, P405 & S301 qualifications.

Asbestos HSE Ltd – Professional Manchester Asbestos Survey Company

As you probably aware of asbestos is a deadly poisonous substance that can make you terminally ill and damage one's wellbeing? It can introduce itself in a wide exhibit of situations, some of which include: 

•    An asbestos garage or shed roof or an old storage cellar.

•    Under your kitchen floor tiles

•    Garage Roof Sheets

•    Property owners and tenants have been known to report asbestos even in their pipe works and artex.

•    You can even find it in plasterboard in houses that were built before 1970, and be on the lookout for old asbestos artex popcorn cement.
At Asbestos HSE Ltd we provide asbestos testing service, from individual asbestos sampling to full Asbestos Management, Demolition Asbestos Management Surveys, and Asbestos Management Plans. Free Phone Information is given on Asbestos Testing, Sampling, and in-depth Asbestos Surveys between 9-5pm Mon-Fri.

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