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What Does Asbestos Look Like ?

We are often asked what does Asbestos look like? Asbestos is a mineral often mixed with a range of materials to form bonded Asbestos containing materials.
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Were Does Asbestos Hide In The House ?

As a result of buildings built in 1999 or before or refurbished prior to 2000 they have a high chance of containing asbestos.
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How Much Does It Cost To Remove Asbestos ?

Asbestos removal costs vary depending on the extent of the work to be done. Many contractors have a minimum fee of £1,500 to £3,000, no matter how small the job is
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How Much Does A Domestic Asbestos Survey Cost ?

In general, an asbestos survey for the home can range between £110.00 Up to £240.00 depending on case to case.
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Asbestos HSE Ltd are completely UKAS authorize to embrace a wide range of asbestos surveys.


We are a completely UKAS authorize organization based locally in Birmingham. This empowers us to give you the most financially savvy quality-driven administration conceivable in and around Birmingham.


What qualifies us to attempt your asbestos review Birmingham?


The majority of our surveyors hold either the BOHS P402 – Buildings Surveys and Bulk Sampling for Asbestos or the RSPH Level 3 – Certificate in Asbestos Surveying capability.


Are you looking for the best possible service? and are you searching for an asbestos surveyor you can count on in Birmingham?
Then look no further Asbestos HSE Ltd is the leader in Asbestos Surveys and removal in Birmingham.








Get some answers concerning what qualifies Asbestos HSE Ltd to do your asbestos survey for your home or business premises in Birmingham, or visit our contact page and we will get in touch with you with your free quote statement.

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Asbestos HSE Ltd has been in business for well over 20 years and have served thousands of business and householders in the Birmingham and surrounding area for many years and has a bunch of great reviews to back us up including Birmingham City Council.










We are based locally in Birmingham. This empowers us to give you the most practical quality-driven administration conceivable in and around Birmingham.


What qualifies us to embrace your asbestos overview of Birmingham?


The majority of our surveyors hold either the BOHS P402 – Buildings Surveys and Bulk Sampling for Asbestos or the RSPH Level 3 – Certificate in Asbestos Surveying capability.


In accordance with our ISO 17020 UKAS accreditation, the majority of our asbestos studies are in full understanding with the present asbestos study direction – HSG264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide.


Our asbestos study in Birmingham administrations include:


•   Asbestos Management Survey Birmingham – Provides data for overseeing asbestos.


•   Asbestos Refurbishment Survey Birmingham – Identifies asbestos before the renovation.


•    Asbestos Demolition Survey Birmingham – Identifies asbestos before annihilation


Why you should utilize us to complete your asbestos overview in Birmingham?


As the main UKAS authorize asbestos reviewing organization, there are various key advantages about why you should utilize Asbestos HSE Ltd:


•   Fast quote administration – we will get your statement to you inside 1 workday


•   Fixed value quote – the value we quote is the cost charged, there are no shrouded additional items


•     Unlimited tests – we will gather the same number of tests as required at no additional charge


•     Electronic review information gathering framework – enables our surveyors to precisely detail data on location amid the study


•    UKAS licensed research facilities – enable us to perform test investigation rapidly while minimizing expenses


•   Use the most recent industry 'Best Practice' – as the leading individual from ATaC (Asbestos Testing and Consultancy Association) we are at the front line of industry best practices


•   Are you searching for Asbestos Surveys in Birmingham? Need an expert Asbestos Consultant to lead the asbestos overview? Asbestos HSE Ltd can help.


•   As proficient Asbestos Consultants, we offer Asbestos the executives overviews and Asbestos restoration obliteration and Asbestos preparation reports in and around the city of Birmingham.






Top 5 Questions Asked In Birmingham About Asbestos

  It is advised to carry out an asbestos survey before purchasing, selling or renting a property, and if you're a building supervisor then it is advised you consent to your obligation to deal with any known existing asbestos within your client project. At that point, you will require an asbestos survey carrying out. Reach us today for more data about our asbestos surveys in Birmingham.

•  Call us on

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And our team will be ready to support you with the following.


•   Asbestos Survey Report in Birmingham


•   An asbestos overview/asbestos examination can be led on a wide range of private and business properties, big or small, in and around the city of Birmingham.

•   We have more than 20 years of experience managing asbestos as both asbestos surveyors and removal specialist in Birmingham.


•   As Asbestos Consultants, we give a quick and productive administration and are glad to offer the most aggressive costs for asbestos reviews Birmingham in the UK.


•  With our abundance of experience and skill, you're in safe hands with regards to asbestos removals and surveys in Birmingham.


Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Management Survey

Local Certified Asbestos Survey And Asbestos Removal Company. All contractors hold qualifications that include


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