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As one of the UK’s premier asbestos surveyors in Sheffield, we provide a full range of asbestos survey services.

If you are concerned about asbestos or would like to understand how we can help you with the removal survey and disposal of asbestos as well as other asbestos-related environmental services you can request a callback today and talk to one of our highly qualified asbestos experts at Asbestos HSE Ltd.

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When would a refurbishment and demolition survey be needed?

The refurbishment and demolition survey for your property in Sheffield is required where the buildings, or a part of them, needs updating, renovating or demolishing totally. The detailed asbestos report requires a record of the state of asbestos-containing materials (ACM). Typically, an asbestos surveyor is required for refurb/demolition survey.

  • How many types of asbestos are there in the Sheffeild?

Asbestos is a deadly substance and was banned from use in Sheffield and the whole of  the UK due to people becoming sick and dying from inhalation of the following types of asbestos 

  1. tremolite asbestos 

  2. actinolite asbestos 

  3. anthophyllite asbestos

  4. chrysotile asbestos 

  5. amosite asbestos

  6. crocidolite asbestos.

  • When was asbestos banned in the UK?

The Asbestos (Prohibitions) (Amendment) Regulations 1999, marked by Deputy Prime Minister Prescott, came into power on November 24, 1999 five years in front of the European due date. Chrysotile had been the main sort of asbestos allowed in the UK since amosite and crocidolite were prohibited in 1985.

  • How much is an asbestos survey in Sheffield

The average cost for an Asbestos Survey is around £120 for a residential standard survey depending on what city or town you live in. To our local Sheffield customers, Asbestos HSE Ltd starts at only £90.00. If you choose another asbestos surveyor outside the area who needs to travel you are probably going to spend somewhere in the range of £160 and £400 as petrol and more time is needed for travel.

  • Does a landlord have to provide an asbestos survey?

Under Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006, landowners and landlords have certain obligations towards their occupants to limit the dangers of introduction to asbestos. The owner has a duty of care regarding the upkeep or fixes of non-residential and residential premises, it is advised you check your contract before committing to any lease to ensure the building you are renting is free or safe from asbestos and an asbestos surveyor has checked the building

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  • Licenced Asbestos Surveyor In Sheffield

Asbestos HSE Ltd - Trained Surveyors and Testing Company In Sheffield!


Asbestos HSE Ltd Offer local competitive cost prices for asbestos surveys in Sheffield to homeowners, businesses and first-time buyers, many mortgage companies now require a full asbestos survey completing before they will commit to any lending commitment. If you suspect your new home or business may have ACM Asbestos Containing Material In the following areas please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how one of our experienced qualified asbestos surveyors in Sheffield can help.



  • Kitchen Floor Tiles

  • Old Boilers And Flues

  • Asbestos Garage Roof And Sheets

  • Asbestos Insulation Board AIB

  • Old water Pipe Lagging 

  • Asbestos Cement

  • Asbestos Render

  • Asbestos Artex Ceiling

  • Asbestos Fire Doors


Places to survey your home include the following below if your home

was built before the 1980s it is always advised to carry out an

asbestos survey prior to refurbishment or even minor house repairs.

Asbestos HSE Ltd – Proffesional Asbestos Company

Specialist Asbestos Survey Team

All our asbestos survey reports that are carried out by Asbestos HSE Ltd are in full compliance with the current HSE Guidance Document HSG 264 2nd Edition 2012. Our specialist qualified team comprises of experienced, highly competent and highly trained professional personnel, all of which are holders of the industry-approved BOHS P-402 qualification.

Six Types Of Surveys We Undertake:

  1. Asbestos management surveys

  2. Refurbishment & demolition surveys

  3. Re-inspection surveys

  4. Asbestos management plans

  5. Asbestos surveys and testing

  6. Asbestos air monitoring

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