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If your home was built before 1980, it probably will contain asbestos. If it is made of another material, for example, hard plastic, then it most likely won't contain asbestos. ... Always seek the best Asbestos Survey Liverpool advisor when dealing with Asbestos Removal Vs. trying to remove it yourself this is a recipe for disaster.

Asbestos Surveyor In Liverpool

On the off chance that your Liverpool property contains traces of asbestos in your home or business, there are many advantages in carrying out a full asbestos survey to be completed from a reputable company such as Asbestos HSE Ltd Liverpool


What will I benefit from a Home Buyers Asbestos Survey Report? 

Our Home Buyers Asbestos Surveys reports include examination work of your home or business premises to identify the deadly presence of the Asbestos that claims the lives of 1000s of people every year in the UK our goal is to find it fast and remove it as fast as we can ensuring you and your family or work colleagues are in a safer environment.

Our trained Asbestos Surveyor will take asbestos tests of items they feel contain asbestos strands, this does not represent any risk to the tenants or homeowner as the territory will be segregated.

If  Asbestos Survey Samples that were taken from your home during the Asbestos Test that feature the traces of asbestos, at that point, our report will incorporate photos and floor plans outlining the area, condition, and degree of the asbestos found.

Will we give you a full detailed report of any asbestos found inside the property, by our highly trained Asbestos Surveyor and additionally we will provide you with the best prices possible for the removal of the asbestos at the quickest convenient time available for you and your family or business colleagues, we can  visit you on a weekend as to ensure privacy and not to alarm any staff members you have working for you.

If you require an Asbestos Management Survey please do not hesitate to contact our office we will run a full survey on your whole house even outbuildings like Asbestos Garage Roofs.

Asbestos HSE Ltd has been in business for over 20 years in the Liverpool area and guarantees all our new and old clients the best possible safest service available in the local area.

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