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Asbestos surveys for the Birmingham region begin from as low as £99.00.

At Asbestos HSE Ltd we have the skill to give our Midlands customers quality asbestos overviews at the best costs. Regardless of whether you require an asbestos survey for your home or business, you can confide in Asbestos HSE Ltd to convey an expert, advise without fail.

Our asbestos surveyors are completely qualified, licensed and experienced to survey all types of asbestos. 

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What happens during an asbestos survey in Birmingham?

An asbestos survey is a visual assessment of a property. A surveyor will securely take little examples of materials which are suspected to contain asbestos. In an office situation, they will look in roof voids, under rugs and in territories of the structure where routine upkeep happens.







  • How often should an asbestos survey be done?

An asbestos survey should be carried out every time you purchase a new property that was built before 1980,s this will ensure you and your family's long term safety to identify were the asbestos is and how to protect yourself against exposure.

  • Is it a legal requirement to have an asbestos survey?

If the property your living in or buying was built before 1970 and you intend to complete refurbishment or full demolition, at this stage it is advised you will require an asbestos demolition and survey report, there is no legal requirement to have a report, but it is best practice Vs. risking your family's longterm wellbeing.

  • What happens during an asbestos survey?

An asbestos survey is a visual review of the property. A surveyor will securely take little samples of materials that are suspected to contain asbestos. In an office situation, the asbestos inspector will look in roof voids, under tiles and in territories of the structure where routine upkeep and maintenance happens.

  • How often do you need an asbestos survey in Birmingham?

As a component of the asbestos, the executives plan ACM's ought to be reviewed normally and at any rate every year. In the event that you haven't consented to this law for a timeframe, you likely could be required to re-review the property as the state of the ACM's may have changed.

  • What is a Type 3 asbestos survey?

Asbestos overviews are never again known as "type 1", "type 2" and "type 3" since the production of the HSE's direction notes (HSG264, Asbestos: The Survey Guide). They have been supplanted with the "Administration Survey" and "Restoration Survey" and "Destruction Survey".

  • How much does an asbestos survey cost in the Midlands?

The normal expense for an Asbestos Survey is £250. You are probably going to spend somewhere in the range of £160 and £400 complete. Careful cost may fluctuate contingent upon your region and task subtleties.

  • Do I need an asbestos survey in the  UK?

If you are a first-time buyer and you are in the process of completing on a new house purchase it is advised to have a full asbestos survey carried out every time on your Birmingham property by qualified surveyors such as Asbestos HSE Ltd.

  • How much does a full home survey cost?

A HomeBuyer Report is an overview appropriate for traditional properties insensible condition. Costs begin at £400 all things considered. This will enable you to see whether there are any auxiliary issues, for example, subsidence or clammy, just as some other unwelcome concealed issues inside and outside.

  • How much does a survey cost in Birmingham?

The cost fluctuates generally by area and surveyor, yet broadly, the normal expense for an asbestos test or samples will be about £100 for a residential asbestos survey and up to £360 for a commercial asbestos survey. These figures can change dependent onlocation and the size of the property the surveyor needs to take samples from.

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Asbestos Survey Birmingham
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Asbestos HSE Ltd trained asbestos surveyors covering the whole of the Midlands serving thousands of Birmingham customers each year.

Asbestos HSE Ltd – Professional Asbestos Survey Company

Some of the areas asbestos can be found include: 

•    asbestos garage or shed roofs.

•    Under your floor tiles

•    Garage roof sheeting

•    Pipe Work, AIB Asbestos Insulation Boards

For an evaluation of your asbestos survey needs in Birmingham, we also cover nearby areas such as Asbestos Survey In Acocks Green, Balsall Heath, California, Deritend, Eastside, Fox Hollies, Gib Heath, Hamstead, Kents Moat, Lea Hall, Maney, Newtown, Old Oscott, Pelham, Queslett, Rednal, Sarehole, Ten Acres, Walmley, Yardley for evacuation needs, call Asbestos HSE Ltd today on
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