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As a leading contractor in Asbestos Abatement and Removal Asbestos HSE Ltd offers a fully accredited expertise right the way through from Asbestos Survey and Site Management to Air Monitoring, Asbestos Removal and Completion.

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  • Where asbestos hides in a house?

Asbestos was normally utilized in structural materials asbestos is most commonly found as thermal insulation on basement boilers and pipes. Unfortunately, it can also be found in a myriad of other household materials including:

• Blown-in attic insulation
• Vinyl kitchen floor tiles
• The glue that attaches to the floor tiles to concrete or wood
• Some forms of linoleum
• Window doors caulking and old glazing
• Roofing sheet material (usually on flat roofs and garages and occasionally on shingles)
• HVAC duct insulation (usually found in corrugated or flat paper form)
• Siding material
• Plaster also is known as artex or asbestos cement
• Fiber cement siding and asbestos render (usually 1/8 " thick and 8'x4' brittle). 

If you suspect any of these in your home it is advised to carry out a professional asbestos survey by a qualified asbestos surveyor to test all the areas in your house to identify if asbestos removal services are needed.

  • Asbestos Boiler Removal?

Before people and manufacturers understood the danger relating to asbestos it used to be industry standard to use asbestos in boiler insulation, and in some countries it still is. ... Most boilers fitted in the 1970s in the UK contain between 75 and 90 percent chrysotile asbestos. Asbestos gaskets were also often used for boiler portals and pipes.









The boiler's stove often sat between slabs of asbestos cement and on asbestos pipe lagging if you suspect asbestos in your boiler it is always best to contact a trained asbestos boiler removal team such as Asbestos HSE Ltd to help with the removal the cost of removing an asbestos boiler in minimal in comparison to the danger it poses left unattended..

  • Is there asbestos in walls and celings?

When an old house contains asbestos in the drywall  (otherwise called divider joint compound) it is imperative to call the experts to remove the substance from your home immediately.

Asbestos insulating board, also known as "AIB" or by tradesmen name "Asbestolux", was an asbestos-containing board used in the building trade because it had excellent fire resistance and heating insulating properties, and was a very cheap easy product to install in the home around that time. The asbestos insulation  boards were mostly used in the UK from the 1940s up until production was terminated in the 1980s

  • How Much Does It Cost To Remove Asbestos In My Stockport Home

The cost can vary depending on what works are needed but as a general guideline, a single garage asbestos roof removal can be between 400 and 800 pounds depending on the size of the garage roof and the amount of asbestos waste that needs to be removed.

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In the event your home might contain asbestos please do not hesitate to contact us we are happy to work on small residential homes and also undertake works on big commercial factories and offices all of our asbestos removal contractors are fully licensed and we can carry out asbestos surveys and removals between the hours of 9 am till 5 pm Monday to Friday in the local area 


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