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Based in Preston since 1990, Asbestos HSE Ltd operates from our offices in Preston, to provide specialist asbestos removal and survey services throughout the local area at best cost prices

Asbestos HSE Ltd offers a comprehensive range of services to the site, from enabling works through to full contract works, operating as principal or subcontractor.

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Is the landlord responsible for asbestos removal?

Under Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006, landowners have certain obligations towards their occupants to limit the dangers of presentation to asbestos. The proprietor has a duty regarding the support or fixes of non-local premises through a tenured understanding or contract.

  • Can I claim for asbestos exposure?

All laborers who have been exposed to asbestos at work. ... You can and should record a case for compensation regardless of whether your related wounds are minor as this could enable you to get higher pay sometime in the future if progressively sickness develops into asbestos-related sicknesses.

Do sellers have to disclose asbestos?

It is your moral obligation to inform the new buyer should be aware of any asbestos present in the building so he or she can protect there family and workmen against it in the future should they decide to make repairs to the building.

  • Can you get rid of asbestos in your lungs?

No medical technique exists to expel asbestos strands from the lungs once they are breathed in. A few kinds of asbestos are cleared normally by the lungs or separate in the lungs."

  • Can you live in a house with asbestos?

Living in a home with undisturbed asbestos doesn't really represent a major hazard. ... Be that as it may, when these materials in your home fall apart after some time or become aggravated or disturbed, asbestos filaments can be discharged into the air. It's a material with loads of resilience; filaments can remain around your home for quite a long time, and when breathed in it can become the silent killer in your own home or commercial workplace.

  • Is it worth buying a house in Preston with asbestos?

Before making a purchase on any property you should have an asbestos management survey report done by a competent qualified asbestos surveyor, time after time we get clients calling who have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in an investment and then asked for a survey when its all to late finally discovering there investment building is riddled with tens of thousands of pounds worth of asbestos that needs removing.

  • What is the purpose of an asbestos survey?

A restoration/demolition management survey is fundamental when the structure (or part of it) is to be updated, repaired or demolished Asbestos HSE Ltd can help with your home or business survey in Preston employing fully qualified asbestos surveyors that can manage any job handed to them at the best cost prices, it is always best to use a trained asbestos professional Vs trying to remove asbestos yourself. 

  • How long do asbestos reports last

The asbestos survey record must be kept for a long time after the date of the last passage in the building. In the event that a worker has been exposed to asbestos, the record must note the accompanying: the date, time and to what extent the presentation to asbestos was for the cost of an asbestos survey can range from 75 pounds up to 300 for a more extensive commercial building.

  • Is it ok to buy a house with asbestos?

In spite of its notoriety, asbestos is readily found in homes as it was consistently utilized as a structure material until it was restricted in 1999. ... It's It is always best to have a pre-buyer asbestos survey completed by asbestos removal experts whenever you're worried that there might be asbestos on a property, The asbestos testing will put you and your family's minds at ease and potentially save your life.

  • Is it illegal to sell a house with asbestos?

Things being what they are, Is It Illegal To Sell A House With Asbestos In The UK? To put it plainly, no it's not unlawful, despite the fact that on the off chance that you realize that there is asbestos present in the property, you should reveal this to any potential purchasers.

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We can carry out asbestos management surveys and domestic asbestos removals and surveys in Lancashire matter how big or small the work is we are always happy to serve, our specialist team also carries out numerous asbestos garage removals in Preston on a weekly basis if you are in need of an asbestos boiler removing or any ACM from your property Asbestos HSE Ltd team are ready and on hand to help you.

Were You Find Asbestos In Your Building

Below is an example of where you will find asbestos in your commercial and residential premises in Preston, always be on the lookout for the hidden killer.

  • Asbestos Boilers

  • Asbestos Roofing

  • Asbestos Tiles

  • Asbestos Sheets

  • Asbestos Garages

  • Asbestos Insulation

  • Asbestos Artec Render

  • Asbestos Guttering

  • Asbestos Cement

  • Asbestos Pipe Lagging


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