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What Are The Different Types Of Asbestos?

  • Chrysotile – Chrysotile is a very common type of asbestos that is used in both homes & garages in many forms. Chrysotile can be found in everything from automobile brake linings, pipe insulation to oil gaskets and boiler seals

  • Amosite – Amosite is the second most common type of asbestos that originates from Africa. Amosite is known as brown asbestos and it’s most common use was in cement sheeting & thermal insulation. Asbestos is a very good insulator so it's used in plumbing was abundant. Amosite was also used in roofing tiles so Amosite is present any many homes that were built before 1999.


  • Tremolite – Tremolite wasn’t a hugely commercially used material but it was found in some paints, sealants and roofing materials. Tremolite can be a range of colours from white, green, grey and even clear.

Whilst it is true that some types of asbestos are less dangerous than others, all types are dangerous and a risk to our health. Leading health organisations including the EPA classify all kinds of asbestos as cancer-causing substances.

Agencies like the Health Protection Agency claim that Amosite & Crocidolite are the most dangerous types of asbestos.

Always Hire Certified Asbestos Specialists​

Asbestos garage removal cost may seem expensive since you could just “knock it down yourself” and just ignore the asbestos but this is incredibly unadvised. Taking the job on yourself is the worst thing you could do since you don’t only have the risk of asbestos hazards, but the garage removal itself could injure you since some cement sheets can weigh hundreds of kilos. De-constructing a garage yourself is not something you should attempt as it takes trained professionals to do it safely.

Just the term "asbestos" can fill us with dread when you start dwelling on the possible health effects asbestos could cause. Found in everything from buildings, garages and outbuildings built from the 50's and 60's, Asbestos can cause serious health issues, causing conditions in the lungs like mesothelioma The average person can't tell if you have asbestos in your property until a survey takes place. Even if it is present, unless disturbed it is unlikely to harm you. For a lot of people, that is barely reassuring, as most people just want rid of all traces of asbestos but we just don't know where to start. However tempting it might be to do it ourselves, it is incredibly dangerous to do so as you are in a sense playing with fire as you will be disturbing stable or unstable asbestos moving around fibres which will be released into the air.

If you do asbestos in your garage and want your garage removed, you are going to have to use a reliable provider like  Asbestos HSE Ltd. They will be able to safely remove all traces of asbestos as well as demolish the garage so that you're left with space to either keep it as such or to rebuild a new garage. There are always companies out there that offer complete garage removal for incredibly low prices, but you have to understand that these may not be accredited and qualified removal specialists.


Enquiring with “cheap” untrained workers is not advised either since they may not be qualified to remove the asbestos in your garage or home. They may offer cheap asbestos garage removal cost but they are risking your health as well as your families since they do not know how to effectively remove asbestos so that it doesn’t pose a threat to human health. It’s also highly likely that unqualified workers will dump asbestos waste by fly-tipping the waste in rural areas, which poses huge threats to the environment & any local population that is close to the waste.

Below is a short list of important regulations that any good asbestos garage removal specialist should have. Cross check with your chosen firms to see if they are accredited with the following:

– BOHS P402 Standard

– HSE Licensed (if removing asbestos)

– Hazardous Waste Carriers Licence (for asbestos transport)

– Uses a UKAS accredited lab for sample assessment

If you think you have asbestos in your home or garage and you would like to have it removed then get a general idea on asbestos garage removal cost with Asbestos HSE lTD. We have been professional removal specialists & surveyors for many years. We are leading removal specialists in West Yorkshire area serving Leeds, Manchester, and surrounding areas. Contact us today on Asbestos Garage Removal Cost for more information or call our team ON: 0800=0885833


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